Cremation and Keepsake Urns

Different Styles and Materials

Funeral director selecting an urn

Elegantly designed urns.

Sometimes, people have certain preferences when selecting an urn. Colors, styles, and size are among the choices to consider. Our selection includes urns made of various woods, metals, porcelain, composites, biodegradable clay, and copper cloisonné including a huge stock of different themes, colors and shapes.

Special scattering urns and personalized engraving is available. We have an extensive selection.

Keepsake Urns

Many times, individuals who select cremation feel confined or obligated to secure the cremated remains into a single vessel in preparation for burial, inurnment, scattering, to simply keep at home.

In hopes to accommodate family’s wishes, our staff can assist with selecting appropriate “keepsake” urns.

In essence, the idea of the keepsake urn, provides the family, friends, or other special individuals the opportunity to hold and treasure a small portion of the deceased’s cremated remains (on a smaller, urn-scale).

Urn Samples