Funeral Options

Personalized and Caring

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Our experienced staff can help you create a personalized funeral service that is both individual, meaningful and affordable.

Upon your request, our funeral home offers live webcasting of your memorial service, as well as, large screen televisions for purposes of video tributes.  Memorial cards personalized with photos, symbols and text, assortment of Crane’s acknowledgement cards, register / guest books, video-recording,  custom soundtracks, Sirius XM Radio, I-pod connections and CD players are all available and utilized in our facility.


We have memory boards and easels to display photos or other imagery, recalling cherished memories. We can enlarge your special photograph or use our 60″ LCD monitors to display an “In Memoriam” slide show.

Examples of Personalization

  • When a parent died that had young children we provided a memorial book and a desk where friends and relatives wrote about their relationship with the deceased and perhaps how that person helped and made a difference in their life. The bound volume was a wonderful and valuable keepsake when the children grow older.
  • We have conducted services for equestrians where we have set the casket atop hay bales and used the deceased’s saddle on top of the casket instead of flowers. The riders show helmet and boots were displayed as well.
  • After the death of a young man, we displayed his kayak, skis, and surfboard along with other personal items.
  • The family of a woman that collected hats had many of them displayed around the room, and in the obituary the family invited eleven women attending the funeral to wear a hat or bonnet.
  • When a prominent artist died, we turned the room into a gallery of sorts by displaying some of his paintings. We also used the artist’s self portrait, had it miniaturized into a memorial card and printed a poem that the family selected on the reverse side to hand out to those attending.
  • For an individual who loved Japanese maple trees, we brought in 15-gallon potted trees and displayed them along with his personal belongings. Our staff later arranged to have the trees planted on their country property.

International Arrangements

When a death occurs outside of New York City, you can rely on us to handle all the details. We have contacts in almost every city in the United States and many cities throughout the world. Our extensive experience dealing with consulates and embassy’s enable us to arrange all the details to transport your loved one home, so you avoid duplication of effort, and expense.

We Handle the Details

  • Writing and placing classified death notices in any newspaper and their online publications, forwarding information regarding contributions to a favorite charity in memory of the deceased when requested.
  • Securing the death certificate and cremation or burial permit required by law.
  • Arranging the purchase and opening of cemetery graves of your choice.
  • Providing pallbearers, when necessary
  • Arranging for your choice of music, when requested
  • Providing a podium with wireless microphone system for speakers
  • Arranging for a grave marker, if desired
  • Coordinating with clergy
  • Personalized interiors in the casket of different fabrics and colors
  • The use of floral arrangements creatively designed and arranged
  • Video and audio taping of a memorial service is available to preserve the words and anecdotes of family and friends
  • We will provide elegant wooden tables and pedestals to display personal photos or collectibles