International Funeral Shipping

Shipping Specialists

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Put your mind at ease.

With only one phone call to Peter C. DeLuca, we can provide you with the finest quality, lowest cost international shipping services anywhere in the world.

We are an independently owned licensed shipping specialist, located just minutes from all Consulates. We are honored to be “certified” as a known shipper by TSA (U.S. Transportation Services Administration) fully authorized to ship with all international airlines.

International shipping

For over 40 years, we have been the most well known international shipping specialist, located in Manhattan. Our expert staff has extensive experience and have a close working relationship with all consulates and embassies.

We arrange and coordinate all the details.

Shipping Requirements

Knowing how to deal with each country’s particular shipping requirements is critical in your loved one’s remains reaching their destination.

Paperwork and Documentation

Understanding and helping to provide appropriate paperwork and documentation required for international shipping.


Ensuring your shipping schedules are met quickly, as it relates to getting through the red-tape and satisfying your scheduling needs.


Expert translation of your documentation into their respective languages.

Expert preservation

Understanding how important it is for your loved one to arrive in perfect condition.

Domestic shipping specialist

We can arrange to have your loved one’s remains, including the casket, shipped to any location in the United States and throughout the world.

Receiving of remains

When a death occurs outside of New York City, you can rely on us to handle all the details. We have contacts in almost every city in the United States and many cities throughout the world. We arrange all the details to transport your loved one home, so you avoid duplication of effort and expense.