Memorial Services / Life Celebration

Honor the Life of a Loved One

Celebrate their life.

In order to appreciate the value of services our funeral home provides, it is useful to distinguish between the two most prominent types: funeral services, and in this case, memorial services.

We offer various options depending on the requests and needs of a decedent’s survivors.

Son hugging mother


Upon your request, our funeral home offers live webcasting of your memorial service, as well as, large screen televisions for purposes of video tributes.  Memorial cards personalized with photos, symbols and text, assortment of Crane’s acknowledgement cards, register / guest books, video-recording,  Sirius XM Radio, I-pod connections and CD players are all available and utilized in our facility.   Many times our clientele combine these options and create a dignified atmosphere for the grieving process to commence.

Whether formal or informal, each individual’s life can be honored in so  many ways.  Our experienced staff have assisted and helped create hundreds of beautiful and meaningful Memorial Services. Through Music, custom playlists, poetry, or art can all be incorporated into tailoring a most memorable period at our funeral home.  Additionally, clergy, family and friends can offer their participation in collaborating a special gathering, as well.

Modern Technology

  • Live web streaming (as seen on Fox 5 news and NY Craines Business)
  • Video-recorded services
  • Bose sound system, solid walnut podium with cordless microphone
  • 50″ plasma screens for Celebration of Life Slideshow
  • Choices of, Sirius XM Satellite Radio, CD system,  iPod capability
  • DVD Memorial Video Tributes
  • Wi-fi for portable devices and laptops.

Convenient Manhattan Location

Our centrally located Manhattan-based facility allows everyone easy access to attend services with us, the enjoyment of wonderful varieties of restaurants, cafés and pristine hotels – all within walking distance.  As the pace of society continues to increase, more people continue to look to us to provide a close, one-stop service for all friends to congregate.